A Feature-Length Adaptation of the Euripides' Classic

Double click and wait a minute or so for each video segment to load (they are somewhat large).

Opening Ritual

Richard Werner as Dionysus

Soldier does battle with holy Maenad (Melissa Hellman)

Pentheus (Jonathan Klein) interrogates Dionysus

Maenads do battle with Pentheus' army

Dionysus (Richard Werner) seduces Pentheus

Pentheus (Jonathan Klein) in drag

Agave (Lynn Odell) confronted by Cadmus (Will Shepherd) & Tieresias (William Dennis Hunt)

Tieresias (William Dennis Hunt) gives his prophesy of doom


  Richard Werner as Dionysus
Jonathan Klein as Pentheus
Lynn Odell as Agave
Will Shepherd as Cadmus
William Dennis Hunt as Teiresias
Ramona Reeves as Priestess
Robert Chapin as Guard
Terrence J. Rotolo as Captain


Amy Amerson
Amy Arnell
Elyse Ashton
Charlotte Ballas
Lauren Bergen
Anita Bergman
Windy Morgan Bunts
Lucca Collins-Cona
Catherine Cummings
Amy Davenport
LaSchanda DeVaughn
Leanne Fonteyn
Erika Gardner
Frances Hearn
Melissa Hellman
Nancy Lee
Jessica Magnuson
Collette Mann
Kiersten Morgan
Kimberly Paris
Sarah Peters
Vanessa Robertson
Vicki Schmitt
Alisha Seaton
T.C. Smith
Camille Waldorf
Jenna Z. Wilson

Pentheus' Soldiers:

David Bakor
Payson Burt
Charles Currier
Mike D'Asaro
Kit Davlin
Jason Hewitt
Kevin Moran
Marc Antonio Pritchett
Micheal Sloane
Spike Steingasser
Alex Van Amburg

Production Credits 

Directed by
Brad Mays
Produced by
Lorenda Starfelt
Screenplay by
Brad Mays from the play by Euripides
Kelly Rose Molloy, Mark Ryan
Executive Producer
Kimberley Speer Miller
Jacob Pinger
Edited by
Brad Mays
Production Designer
Reiko Kobayashi
Art Direction
Johanna Vivstram
Costume Design
Celeste Hines
Camera Operator
Paul Mayne
Daniel H. Goldstein
Theatrical Lighting
Leif Gantvoort
Suzan Katcher
Stunt Coordinator/Sword Master
Mark Ryan
First Assistant Director
Alex Korp
Second Assistant Director
Darrin O'Connor
Second Unit Director
Mark Ryan
Sound Mixer
Alan B. Samuels
Boom Operator
Todd Curtier
Lisa London
Catherine Stroud
Mary Brunner III
Emily Spiegel
Visual Effects
Robert Chapin
Whip Choreographer
Roberta Brown
Rigger Stunt Wire
Luke LaFontaine
Script Supervisor
Beth Multer
Wardrobe Assistant
Rachel Rudloff
Natasha Starbuck
Production Coordinator
Devon Terrill


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