Brad Mays - Shakesspeare's Merchant

"This is no industry showcase unless, of course, these people are completely out of their minds."
Steven Leigh Morris on Brad Mays' acclaimed and controversial 1997 production of Euripides' The Bacchae which was nominated for three LA Weekly Theatre Awards including Best Director.

Shakespeare's Merchant

A feature film adapted and directed by
Paul Wagar

Produced by
Lorenda Starfelt, Paul Wagar, Brad Mays


Bassanio (John D. Haggerty) opens his heart to Antonio (Donald Robert Stewart)
Nerissa (Michelle Haner) questions Portia (Lorna MacNab) on which suitor she will favor
Bassanio (John D. Haggerty) and Antonio (Donald Robert Stewart) ask Shylock (Bruce Cornwell) for a loan
Prince of Aragon (Richard Tatum) attempts to win Portia's (Lorna MacNab) hand
Solanio (Lance Arthur Smith) and Salerio (Steve Shields) torment Shylock (Bruce Cornwell)
Courtroom scene
Courtroom scene continued
Portia (Lorna MacNab) confronts Bassanio (John D. Haggerty)
Bassanio (John D. Haggerty) makes his choice

Production Credits
Directed by
Paul Wagar

Produced by
Lorenda Starfelt, Paul Wagar, Brad Mays

Screenplay by
Paul Wagar from Shakspeare's Original Play
Executive Producer
Lou Bluver
Associate Producers
Lisa Rosen, Ben Wells
Paul Mayne
Edited by

Brad Mays
Production Designer

Rachel Sage
Costume Designer
Rachel Sage
Original Music by
Michael Kaulkin

John D. Haggerty as Bassanio
Lorna MacNab as Portia
Bruce Cornwell as Shylock
Donald Robert Stewart as Antonio
John Emmett Tracy as Gratiano

Vanessa Claire Smith as Jessica
Michelle Haner as Nerissa
Richard Tatum as Prince of Aragon
Chad Jason as Lorenzo
D. Elliot Woods as Prince of Morocco

Lance Arthur Smith as Solanio
Steve Shields as Salerio
Ben Wells as Launcelot
Tracy Eliott as Aragon's Assistant
JoAnna Jocelyn as Beatrice

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