Brad Mays - Stage Fright

"This is no industry showcase unless, of course, these people are completely out of their minds."
Steven Leigh Morris on Brad Mays' acclaimed and controversial 1997 production of Euripides' The Bacchae which was nominated for three LA Weekly Theatre Awards including Best Director.

Stage Fright

A Feature-Length Bleak Commedy, 1989


Opening Sequence (Including Titles)
Broderick (Greg McClure) cons Laurie (Susan Rome)
Zip (Willie Brookes) recalls the good old days of experimental theatre)
Director (Greg McClure) has a quiet talk with his leading man (David Caltrider)
Crazy Otto (Arthur Laupus) lectures the cast on acting technique
Laurie (Susan Rome) and Grayson (Rick Hammontree) plan their future
God (Arthur Laupus) confronts Miss America (Lisa Green)
Opening Night
Juliet (Susan Rome) confronts God (Arthur Laupus)
After The Opening

Production Credits
Directed by
Brad Mays

Screenplay by
Stanley Keyes

Rick Hammontree, Stanley Keyes
Executive Producer
Barbie Cox, Sidney Emmer
Associate Producers
Loretto Gubernatis, Lisa Mays
John Van Strien
Edited by

Brad Mays
Art Direction

Rachael Glick
Costume Design
Lisa Mays
Production Designer
James Goldfarbe

Assistant Art Director
Michael Landfeld
Scenic artist
Ralph Scassai

Rick Hammontree as Grayson Osterman
Susan Rome as Laurie Glenn
Greg McClure as Broderick Kands
Marcy Emmer as Frannie Goodman
Willie Brookes as Zip Marris

David Caltrider as Chuck Pines
Dolly Emcee as Madge
Lisa Green as Janice
Derek Neal as Skip Scriven
Arthur Laupus as Crazy Otto

Nina Ruttlage as Beth
Aaron Marcus as Jeff
Donna Sherman as Shelly
James D'Angelo as Dick Rosenbloom
Audrey Herman as Mrs. Goodman

Richard Byrd as Billy James
Deborah Gilmartin as Costume Lady
Sherry Kemmler as Sue
Kevin Leblin as Lou Nomellini
Martha Saunders as Nurse
Leon Sigel as Clarence
Graham Chapman as Smart Alec(uncredited)

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