The Watermelon


A Film Without Seeds

"The Watermelon" is a low-budget independently-produced film which, entirely without name actors, managed to become the #1 film at the 2008 San Diego Film Festival in terms of audience and industry buzz. Often compared to "Little Miss Sunshine" for its assortment of weird and improbable characters, "The Watermelon" has been described as a darkly funny "chick flick." Now in world-wide distribution, the film has garnered two California Film Awards "Diamond Awards" for producer Lorenda Starfet, and director Brad Mays.


Newly divorced, Achilles Pumpkinseed (Will Beinbrink) lives alone in the house left to him by his deceased mother (Willow Hale). Depressed and adrift, he spends his days smoking pot and watching television, usually alone but sometimes with his equally rootless friend Patroclus (Steven Shields). Although he owns a small business, Achilles cannot face working any more than he can muster the energy to deal with the world he used to be a part of.

Then one day, an unexpected visitor named Homer (Mike Ivy) shows up at Achilles' doorstep, bearing an unusual gift: an old dilapidated camping trailer painted like a child's image of a watermelon. Insisting that delivering this improbable gift to Achilles is his "mission", sworn to at knife-point for the young man's hated stepfather Creon (Bob Golub), Homer forces Achilles to accept the bizarre object.

As fate would have it, the Watermelon acts as a magnet, luring all manner of oddball humanity to Achilles' home - a flaky artist (Julia Aks), a pushy photo-journalist (Gayle James), a pedantic television reporter (Holly Anderson), and even the ghost of his beloved mother. At first, Achilles rejects the intrusions, until one day he discovers a young runaway sleeping in the trailer. Rather than chase her off as he did the others, Achilles invites the vulnerable Persephone (Kiersten Morgan) into his home . . . and his life. Eleventh-hour appearances from his ex-wife and deranged step-sister (both played by Elyse Ashton) ensure that Achilles' life will never be the same.

Until it is. Sort of.


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